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Clients, Partners, Brands & Friends

Some people dream of success. We make it happen.

At The Summit Travel Company, LLC, we have had the great fortune of working with some of the most iconic brands in the world.  We're proud to call them clients, partners, colleagues and friends.  



"Todd's product development and marketing skills are tops in the travel industry. He has clear leadership abilities and is adept at motivating a team around common goals. Todd has a broad range of professional experience and has been very successful in his various roles. His sense of adventure and his passion for the industry make him an excellent addition to any team."
Jason Rhen, Brand Manager Vantage Deluxe Travel
"Todd Copley is an entrepreneurial spirit who has no limits to what he can achieve. Todd was as an inspirational leader, tirelessly dedicated, confident in his ability to achieve whatever he dedicated himself to, and with an amazing attention to detail for logistics. On top of all that his cheerful energy made him a pleasure to work with."
Mark Vande Hei, United States Astronaut, NASA Detachment

"Todd has a gift of handling clients, managing projects, organizing events and is true asset to any team. He was responsible, efficient, responsive to client needs and could handle any problem with the utmost of professionalism. He is a true leader and can manage projects as well as people. He is well travelled and can adapt himself to many cultures and environments."
Suzie Smyle, Professional Realtor at RE/Max
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